Why Drung Waterfall, Near Gulmarg, Is A Must-visit Spot In Kashmir

Waterfalls are often hailed as nature’s masterpieces, captivating people with their ethereal beauty. However, nestled amidst the mountains, the Drung waterfall in Tangmarg tehsil of Gulmarg, Baramulla district, Kashmir, holds a unique distinction—it’s man-made. Created to regulate excess water from a nearby dam, this cascading wonder surprises tourists with its mesmerizing allure.

During winter, the Drung waterfall transforms into a frozen spectacle, its cascades suspended in time. Tourists flock to witness this natural marvel, navigating through the snow-capped terrain via ATVs or chain taxis from Tangmarg. Despite the chilly temperatures, thousands brave the elements for a glimpse of the frozen cascade, lending the landscape a surreal charm.

In contrast, summer unveils a tranquil sanctuary. As the frozen veil thaws, the waterfall blends with glacial waters, creating a serene ambience amidst lush greenery. Visitors revel in the tranquillity, basking in the beauty of the cascading waters and exploring nearby caves.

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