Lisa Genshin Impact Artefacts and Weapons Build Guide

Lisa Genshin Impact Artefacts and Weapons Build Guide Lisa is a 4-Star Electro Catalyst Electro character who was unveiled at the start of the launch of Genshin Impact. Lisa had been employed as a buffer and debuffer prior to Dendro’s arrival in patch 3.0 because of her selection of weapons, artefacts, and rare debuff that reduced opponents’ DEF stat. After Dendro was freed, Lisa had access to the Quicken/Aggravate and Hyperbloom powerful elemental reactions. Lisa is now a capable and adaptable F2P substitute for uncommon characters.
The ideal Lisa team composition, weaponry, and artefact sets will be covered in this Lisa build guide.


Lisa Genshin Impact During the early half of the game, Lisa permanently joins your party and is always available on every banner, albeit your chances of getting her are slim because she never appears on rate-up banners like other 4-star characters do. The most dependable approach to guarantee additional constellations is to contact her through Paimon’s Bargains.

Lisa Genshin Impact Overview

of the Genshin Lisa gameplay
Lisa is a support or a DPS. She has two completely different build options for DPS jobs. The versatility of Lisa’s equipment is one of its standout qualities, provided your circumstances call for damage output. Her help has a broad range and primarily depends on the weapons or artefacts you provide her.

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Lisa’s energy requirements will change dramatically depending on whether she is played on or off the pitch: Without an energy battery like Fischl, Off-Field DPS needs roughly 220% ER, but On-Field setups only need 150%. Playing on-field has the advantage because Lisa needs less maintenance What is Lisa Genshin Impact age? .

lisa genshin impact Nevertheless, she is devoting the field time that a stronger Electro DPS might desire. Off-Field enables a more potent Electro DPS to enter the fray, potentially increasing total damage at the expense of a significant amount of Energy Recharge. These needs can be reduced by around 40% with the addition of another Electro character to the teamWho does Lisa love in Genshin Impact?

lisa genshin impact
constellation lv In the end, you want to construct her in accordance with your unique preferences. As long as you’re employing those builds properly, each of her several builds is effective in its own situation and none stands head-and-shoulders above the rest Is Lisa worth leveling?

But in reality, Lisa can be played in one of three different builds, which will be discussed further in the sections on weaponry and artefacts Who is Lisa shipped with Genshin?

jean genshin impact Quicken/Aggravate DPS: Suitable for both on- and off-field use. She can administer electro to foes thanks to the Catalyst she is holding. She can use her skill and burst to repeatedly apply electro to nearby adversaries to maximise the additional damage Quicken grants her. Since you are using all of Lisa’s abilities, on-field DPS typically take more effort, but they are occasionally the greatest option for Lisa’s damage. Concentrate mona genshin impact on recharging your energy, ATK, mastering an element, electro DMG, and CRIT.

Hyperbloom DPS: This DPS build is the easiest to construct, and teams that use it have the highest damage ceiling in the game. Depending on whether you’re playing her Off-Field for more application or On-Field for transformative reactions, her talent levels are much less significant for her build than her Elemental Mastery, level 90, and meeting her Energy Recharge requirements.

Dedicated Support

: This build costs the least amount of resources to create and is mostly intended to assist your other DPS character in dealing the most damage. Her primary sources of utility are the weapons and artefacts she can use, not her equipment. The Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers 3-Star can enhance a

lv constellation transitioning into that character from Lisa increased the team’s ATK by 48% at full refinement, while artefact sets like Noblesse Oblige and Instructor can further increase the team’s ATK or Elemental Mastery. She can also use the craftable Prototype Amber, which will replenish energy everytime Lisa uses her Burst and heal the squad marginally. This build is often outgrown by players since, with optimisation, it begins to resemble an Off-Field DPS build. There are circumstances, though, in which dedicated support builds are still preferred. For instance, Lisa is a great replacement for C6 Kujou Sara, who is regarded as the standard boosting support for Electro DPSes like the Raiden Shogun. Lisa has Thrilling Tales and Noblesse. Given that Kujou Sara needs all six constellations to work.

Lisa Genshin impact Elemental Burst 

Elemental Skill > Normal Attacks is one of Lisa’s attack combos.
Even as an On-Field DPS, her skill and burst both account for the majority of her damage. While some talents can be neglected in Hyperbloom and support builds, you’ll want to level every skill all the way up for On-Field DPS builds.

Although Lisa’s Normal Attacks

lisa genshin impact are swift and more useful in the majority of situations where you’d want to employ her, her Charged Attacks are incredibly powerful. Using the first three Normal Attacks (and not finishing the combo with her fourth hit by sprinting or jumping) will apply one occurrence of Electro application more swiftly and safely if you care about causing elemental reactions, regardless of your build.

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There are two versions of Lisa’s Skill: a tap version and a hold version. Instead of generating energy particles, tapping a skill sends an electrical ball towards the adversary that will brand them with a number between 1-3. The hold version of her skill gets stronger the higher the number. Multiple tapped Skills applied to an adversary increases the number. When held, Lisa summons a storm while remaining motionless. When the skill is completely charged after roughly 2 seconds, you can release it and do a tonne of damage based on the marked numbers on the enemy hit. If you can keep Lisa from being interrupted, the wind-up period will be worthwhile because the Skill’s multipliers are greater than those of the majority of characters’ Bursts. Only

lisa genshin impact Then, Lisa’s Burst summons a lantern that casts light in a wide radius, electrocutes enemies continuously, and reduces their DEF stat by 15%. The Burst can keep foes in the air if they are raised off the ground in any way, but it will occasionally push them outside the area of influence. There are around ten (give or take) Hyperbloom or Aggravate reactions for every 27 incidences of Electro damage. Due to the fact that it does the majority of Lisa’s damage and is her primary means of utility, it is imperative that she be able to Burst whenever it is off-cooldown, which explains her high energy requirements.

lisa genshin impact The passives from Lisa are next. Her first ascension’s passive ability lets her Charged Attacks label targets with numbers as well. The 15% DEF shred on her burst is caused by her fourth ascension passive.
Finally, Lisa can occasionally return potion ingredients when making potions because to her exploring passive.

Analysis of the lisa Genshin impact Constellation

lisa genshin impact When Lisa appears, the primary method for obtaining constellations is through Paimon’s Bargains. It’s quite uncommon to pull copies of her by pure luck. The majority of her constellations, though, are merely helpful for enhancing her power. They mostly offer more usability.

lisa genshin impact

lisa genshin impact The best weapons for Lisa are those with high CRIT (for aggrevate builds), Elemental Mastery (for hyperbloom builds), and ATK. In addition, keep in mind that most 5-Star weapons outperform most 4-Star weapons and that CRIT weapons for Aggravate builds are typically stronger than non-CRIT weapons. For weapons not shown, consult the comments in the rightmost column.

Genshin The Best Artefacts of Lisa

lisa genshin impact Sands: Elemental Mastery (Hyperbloom/Aggravate), Energy Recharge (until demands are met), or ATK% (Aggravate).
The distinction between EM and ATK is seldom discernible, even in Aggravate teams. Simply select the artefact from the group that has the best substats. create as much as you can for Hyperbloom, but don’t create more than 200 EM for Aggravate.
Hyperbloom: Elemental Mastery; anything else: Electro DMG% Bonus
Circlet: CRIT Rate/CRIT DMG (anything else) or Elemental Mastery (Hyperbloom)


Focus on boosting Electro damage and having effective Dendro application in Aggravate teams, and equip an Anemo character with a 4-piece Viridescent Venerer to lower adversaries’ Electro resistances.Almost any Anemo character can be used for Anemo characters. The guide’s final section has a complete list. Fischl is the best Electro option for Quicken/Aggravate teams to maximise damage, and she will complement Lisa beautifully to conserve energy. Include a healer from any one of the elements if possible!
For healers, Jean and Sayu are in Electro, Kuki Shinobu and Dori are in Dendro, Jean and Yaoyao are in Anemo, and Jean and Sayu are in Electro.

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Teams in Hyperbloom must have characters named Hydro, Dendro, and Electro. Dendro cores are created by Hydro and Dendro application, and Electro hitting those cores results in potent homing Dendro damaging assaults. Due to its enormous damage output and cheap investment needs, Hyperbloom is now regarded as one of the game’s greatest team combinations.

Even better, Nahida and Xingqiu are the only teammates you actually need with Lisa to inflict incredible damage; she doesn’t even need to level her abilities to flourish in this capacity. Paimon’s Bargains provides free access to Xingqiu, while Nahida is a 5-star character with a limited roster. In the absence of Nahida, Dendro Traveller can fill in on a tight budget.

Due to his high, regular rate of Hydro application, Xingqiu is the greatest hydro option. In addition to applying Hydro when they come in contact with foes, the rain swords that orbit your active character also plant more Dendro seeds. While Dendro Traveller gives a less strong benefit, Nahida provides the squad with an Elemental Mastery bonus that is essential to maximising Shinobu’s damage.

So, virtually anyone can fill the flex position, but it’s preferable if they can also help create Dendro cores, such as a Dendro or Hydro DPS or an Elemental Mastery utility character.
Due to his damage reduction and minor healing from his rain swords, Xingqiu can serve as both your offensive and defensive option. However, for less skilled players, a dedicated defensive option, such as Zhongli or Baizhu, can offer some consolation.

support for DPS

It’s frequently safe to continue investing stats in Aggravate damage because Lisa frequently supports characters who are effective in Quicken/Aggravate/Spread teams. She may be inserted practically anyplace, though, because she is a committed support.
Simply choose your team’s top on-field DPS, then build the rest of your team around that player.

Particular Teammate Selections

Aquatic Characters
The top Hydro applicator with four stars. His Burst provides fair damage while also applying Hydro to enemies when it comes into direct contact with them, and the orbiting swords that serve as defence tools also do the same when they come into direct contact with them.
primarily effective when dealing high HP-scaling damage while increasing teammates’ DMG%. Xingqiu-like in many ways, but with little practical use and no defensive utility. Yelan is an all-around powerful figure.

for individuals like Fischl, Beidou, Xingqiu, and Yelan, as well as their driver.
If you want a character who is good at both hydro application and healing, this is your best option.
Dendro Figures
The option that will increase the amount of damage that Dendro-based reactions like Quicken/Spread/Aggravate/Hyperbloom/Burgeon/Bloom can do. She shares EM with the current character and requires almost no pitch time.
Dendro Tourist
The greatest cheap substitute for Nahida, as they provide team boosts and continuous Dendro application throughout a large area of effect because to her Burst. Also publicly available are all of her constellations.

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